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Potential puppy buyers will need to fill out a short questionnaire providing information on the type of homes they can offer one of our babies.

Companion Puppies are placed on the limited Register only (NOT FOR BREEDING OR SHOW) and the price includes a $150 desexing rebate which will be be given on proof of desexing.

Show puppies may be available from time to time and are placed strictly on Co-ownership to homes that are inexperienced to showing or to the breed. Puppies will NOT be sold on Main Register for breeding purposes only.

Occasionally we may have a show/breeding potential puppy/adult we wish to place in a pet home with the intention of using in our breeding program at a later date. If it is something you would be interested in, please dont hesitate to enquire.


Contact Details

Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock
Albury Region, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0417 459 733

Email : dane@taliekin.com.au
Email : pug@taliekin.com.au